Biovet’s world-class facility in Malur, Karnataka has the following manufacturing infrastructure:

  1. Foot & Mouth Vaccine Manufacturing Plant
    • Ultra Modern / High-tech Bio-containment BSL 3+ facility at Malur.
    • Battery of Fermentors with different capacity for manufacturing of FMD Vaccine
    • Online Medium filtration.
    • Dedicated areas for both virus & Cell culture as per OIE, WHO, GMP specification.
    • Production area is as per OIE / WHO / GMP specification.
    • Concentration of virus assembly and Antigen Bank.
    • Antigenic mass estimated as 146s protein.
    • Production area is as per BSL 3+ Specification i.e., 5 meters below soil level ETP, Kill tank- In built 5 meters below soil level and drain to main ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant).
  2. Filling & Formulation
    • Online Blending & Formulation.
    • Mixing of adjuvant with Yastral pump for Micronization.
    • Online automated filling & sealing facility.
    • Online Vaccine Labeling and cold storage.
  3. Animal Challenge Facility
    • Animal challenge experimental facility having BSL-4 Bio-containment facility having in built incineration facility.
    • Dedicated Serological lab.
    • Small Animal Experiment Room.
    • Documentation.
  4. Quality Operations
    • Instrumentation, Water testing, Raw material testing, Packing material testing, Online quality process control, Virus titration, Purity, virus innocuity In-vivo and In-vitro as per IP 2007.
    • Product sterility, safety, efficacy and potency.
    • Serological & microbiological lab.
    • Walk in cold room facility (+4°C and -20 °C).
    • Shaker culture, CO2 incubator & cell culture testing facility.
  5. Warehouse
    • Finished goods demarcated area as per GMP standard warehouse.
    • Raw material substantial storage area.
    • +4°C for vaccine storage facility.
  6. Engineering, Maintenance & Utility Services
    • Steam generation plant.
    • Demineralised water plant.
    • Reverse osmosis plant.
    • 610 KVA standby power generator.
    • Air compressor.
    • Air handling unit (AHU).
    • Water for injection plant.
  7. Transformer Yard Capacity:
    • 950KVA with a backup generator for uninterrupted power support.
  8. Environmental Health and Safety
    • Effluent treatment plant (ETP).
    • Incinerator for disposal of Biowaste.