Importance of Vaccination

It is a universally agreed fact that “Prevention is better than cure”. This aptly applies for Foot and Mouth Disease also. Live attenuated vaccines against diseases like Theilerosis, Rinderpest produce very solid or life long immunity. The same is not observed with other important diseases like FMD, HS, and Black Quarter (BQ). The control of such disease does require systematic and repeated vaccinations to generate adequate immunity for protection.

In order to control and eventually eradicate a disease like FMD, application of a potent vaccine over a period of many years in the susceptible live stock population is required to achieve measurable herd immunity and to prevent occurrence of new outbreaks.

The vaccinations will offer a definite reduction in circulating virus population, check rising mutants, reduce the susceptible animal population, minimize productivity losses and contribute to overall well being of the animals. All cloven footed animals are prone for infection and disease in such animals except pig species can be controlled by using aluminium hydroxide- saponin gel based vaccines or single emulsion oil adjuvant vaccines. Pigs require double emulsion oil adjuvant vaccines for an effective control of Foot and Mouth Disease.

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