For prevention and control of FMD, it is advised to use Foot and Mouth Disease Oil adjuvant vaccine. Biovet Private Limited is one of the Production and sales of quality biological and pharma products has been in the fore front in supplying vaccine to GOI and Assistance to States to Control Animal Diseases (ASCAD) programs for many years with tremendous success.

The vaccine is also available across the country at various Consignee Agent (CA’s) distributors and retailers under the Brand name Bio-FMD Oil available in 50ml (25 doses), 20ml (10doses), and also available in 100ml (50 doses). We ensure total safety and proper storage of the vaccine at all stages right from production till it is made available to the end user.

Inactivated Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine with concentrated antigens adjuvant with mineral oil.

The vaccine contains Foot and Mouth Disease Virus Sero types O, A, Asia-1 propagated in cell culture, inactivated by BEI, concentrated and emulsified in a mineral oil adjuvant.

For active immunization of cloven foot animals against Foot and Mouth Disease.
For disease control by routine vaccination in endemic areas.
For limiting the spread of the disease during outbreaks.

Deep Intramuscular at mid neck region (or) Subcutaneous


Young Animal Adult Animal
Primary At the age of 3 months and onwards At any stage of life
First After 4-6 weeks of primary Vaccination After 4-6 weeks of primary vaccination
Second After 24 weeks of first booster vaccination – – – – – – –
Revaccination* Every 44-48 weeks after 2 nd booster vaccination Every 44-48 weeks after 2 nd booster vaccination

*However, six monthly revaccination is recommended in endemic situations
Repeat (booster) vaccination and revaccination should be followed as it is essential to maintain adequate levels of protective immunity. Immunity begins to develop within 7 days of primary vaccination and the protective level is achieved in about 3 week’s time.


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