About Biovet

Biovet Private Ltd., is located about 40 kilometers from Bangalore, Karnataka in a peaceful and eco-friendly environment at Malur. It has a dedicated team of experienced technical and administrative staff for achieving its goal in professional manner.

Biovet Private Ltd., an emerging animal health vaccine producing company located at Malur, Karnataka. It currently has a world class Foot and Mouth Disease vaccine production facility at the Malur KIADS near Bangalore and is committed to produce animal health care products including veterinary biologicals, bio-vaccines and other related products for large animals, poultry and pet animals. This facility under private sector is poised to deliver products of great importance in animal health sector.

The emerging animal health care inputs are to be delivered at the grass root level in the rural areas. Livestock sector contributes more than 26% in the Agri business within the Indian sub-continent and also contributes in preventing direct and indirect economic losses to farmers. Therefore, Biovet Private Ltd., is committed to developing and delivering high quality world class vaccines to address diseases that afflict common livestock including FMD (A, O, Asia-1, HSBQ, Sheep Pox, New Castle, IBR, etc.,).

Biovet Private Ltd., as an entity was conceptualized and brought to fruition through a Public private Program to ensure availability and delivery of quality world-class vaccines to rural areas.

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